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I am a wife and mom. I retired from retail management after 25 years when my daughter was born so that I could be a stay-home mom. I feel so blessed that my husband made it possible! He has always supported all my crazy ideas and is often my helper. I love crafts and using my creative side to approach everyday living. Wrapping gifts is my all time favorite thing to create followed closely by making just about anything with my Cricut. Tags are super fun! I love planning parties and decorating too! Oh so many things! 

I have always loved crafts and there are three things that really inspired my passion. First was a young girlfriend Kris who oohed and aahed over a gift I gave her. She was so excited about the gift wrapping saying how she almost didn't want to open it - she loved the paper... the bow... everything!

I cannot put to words her enthusiasm and the sweet comments she made about the gift before she opened it. Oh that feeling she gave me! I remember it to this day. Later in life another dear friend Peni made a gift basket for me when I came to visit her and left it on the guest bedroom bed. I felt SO SPECIAL! I don't even remember exactly what was in the gift, but I definitely remember the feeling it gave me! I felt so completely cherished and loved! The third thing that really inspired my passion was adopting my daughter, and that began the biggest part of what has driven me to make the most out of everything I can to make my loved ones feel special! I had always wanted to be a mom and then it finally happened. She gave me the best excuse to create and craft away! I have embraced every single moment!

I want to share my love for crafting and creating with you. It's probably a good thing that Pinterest didn't exist when many of the things I am posting began. Now it is hard for me to resist spending hours looking for new inspirations on all the different platforms. I thought that maybe when my daughter grew up things would settle down but I am still inspired to find and create things that show my love for the people in my life!

I hope you will enjoy and be inspired too!



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