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Clara from The Nutcracker Ballet

This Christmas tag holds a special place in my heart. My daughter was in the Nutcracker Ballet every year from the age of 5 to 13. She was also Clara when she was 8 years old. What an exciting time in her life and a proud mama moment for me! I have always wanted to make a Clara Christmas Gift Tag and now that I have Cricut Design Space I was able to create one! So this tag is extra special to me! I also made some of the other characters in the Nutcracker that I will share this month!

Photos of our daughter as Clara.

Adding details can really make a tag extra special.


  • I used a miniature Nutcracker ornament I found at Hobby Lobby. It was the perfect size! (photo above) On Cricut Design Space I found a print than cut Nutcracker image that can be used in it's place.

  • I used blue ribbon for Clara's waist and attached it on the back before I attached the final back piece of the tag. (photo above)

  • I used black pen to add the eyelid and pink pastel for her cheek. You can also use colored pencil.

  • I used foam tape to make the blue arm piece 3D. (photo below)


Cardstock - Blue, White, Brown, light pink

Blue Ribbon

White Ribbon


  1. Use Cricut to cut out parts. If you do not need the Nutcracker select hide on the Cricut Design before cutting.

  2. Glue the Hair and bow on the light pink circle (head) and then attach the head to the light pink body. I like to line up the pieces how I want them before I glue them together. Draw the eyelid with a black pen and add the cheek with pastel or colored pencil.

  3. Glue the blue dress and ballet shoes to the light pink body. Set the blue arm piece of the dress aside for attaching in step 7.

  4. Attach the blue ribbon with tape or glue on the back side. Also tape or glue the white ribbon behind the head before you glue on the back of the tag.

  5. Glue on the back piece of the tag. It will cover where the ribbons were attached.

  6. Glue the white ruffle to the blue arm piece of the dress.

  7. Attach the arm to the dress with foam tape to make it 3D.

  8. * If you have the wooden Nutcracker from Hobby Lobby, attach it with hot glue to the arms. (I had a gold dot sticker to cover the hole it came with - you can also use a jewel to cover it up) * If you use the "print than cut" Nutcracker, glue the black layer to the Nutcracker before gluing the Nutcracker in her arms.

Above photo - the back side of the tag showing the To: and From: for personalization.

I love to share! This tag is ready to make if you’re a Cricut user. I designed it on Cricut Design Space. 😍 You can make it yourself!

Here's a link for you to make it: Clara Christmas Gift Tag

I am posting a new gift tag a day the entire month of November. Join me and make a tag a day and by the end of the month you will have 30 tags ready for Christmas!

Happy Christmas Crafting!

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Misty Morgan
Misty Morgan
30. Nov. 2023

Lovely story and darling daughter. Thank for sharing the sweet gift tag.

Gefällt mir
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