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Dress-Up Photo Shoot

One afternoon my daughter and her girlfriends were having a playdate. They looked so cute in their dress-up outfits that I got the idea to make it a photoshoot! The girls had so much fun and my daughter had no idea I was going to use some of the photos to put on canvas for her new room décor that she was getting for her birthday!

All you need is something to put up as a backdrop (sheet or table cloth works great) Make sure you have good lighting and start snapping photos!

I made the pictures on canvas with Shutterfly. Their quality is outstanding and they run great sales throughout the year. They are my favorite company to make canvas pictures, photo albums, gifts and Share Sites!

Below is a picture of her newly decorated room and the some of the canvas pictures I made for the walls! See more photos and information about how I decorated her room under the Decorate It section on my blog.


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