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For All Who Truly Believe!

From the beloved movie The Polar Express, I made this fantastic gift tag for Christmas.

It is my favorite tag that I created this year!

I had sooooo much fun creating this tag on Cricut Design Space!

The details that make this tag special:

  • The smoke coming out of the frame

  • The texture of the dark gray paper that looks like metal and shimmers in the light

  • The finishing touch - the snow all over the tag!


Cardstock - Black, Dark Blue, Dark Gray, Green, Red, Gold, White

Cricut Pens - Dark Blue, Red, Gold

Cricut Vinyl - White

Pastel - Gray (or colored pencil would work)

White Paint Pen



  • I used White Vinyl for the Polar Express lettering because it is very small and harder to cut out with paper.

  • I found a Dark Gray Paper that had a metal look to it (from Michaels) that really looks great! It picks up the light and shimmers like metal.

  • I used Gray Pastel to add the detail to the smoke.

  • The finishing touch that really pulls the whole thing together is making the snow with a white paint pen! Dotting different sizes all over everything gives it a 3D look!

I had extra space on the back of the tag so I added a quote from the movie.

I love to share! This tag is ready to make if you’re a Cricut user. I designed it on Cricut Design Space. 😍 You can make it yourself!

Here's a link for you to make it: Polar Express Tag

I posted a new gift tag every day the entire month of November. Take a look at all the other great gift tag ideas and Happy Christmas Crafting!


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