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"Hello Fall" Greeting Card

I love everything about fall! Here is a cute greeting card to celebrate the season.

Hangin' with the leaves!

If you would like to make this card with your Cricut, you can find it on Cricut Design Space on my Cricut Profile Page. It is ready to make or edit as you like.


Off White cardstock

2 shades of Orange cardstock

2 shades of Yellow cardstock

Grey cardstock

Pink cardstock

Black cardstock

Black Premium Vinyl (optional for lettering)


  1. When cutting out the parts for the cat, use leftover cardstock! The parts are small and it is easier to change papers after each cutting. Saves waste!

  2. After the leaves have been cut, leave them on the mat while you score and draw the lines down the center of the leaves. It makes it easier and saves time. I can score and draw on each one in less than two minutes!


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