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This beautiful 3D Poinsettia Gift Tag is easy to make!

What makes this card unique and beautiful is the 3D detail!


Cardstock - Red, Green, Beige

Cricut Pen - Red

Gold Dot Stickers

Ribbon or String

The tag has 4 parts cut out with a Cricut Machine. (There are two identical poinsettia layers)

To make the card 3D:

  1. Set aside one poinsettia layer for later.

  2. Take the other poinsettia layer and cut out the poinsettias individually by hand. (See photos) Takes only a few minutes.

  3. Score down the middle of the flower petals and crease along the score lines.

  4. Glue the beige back piece to the green leaf layer.

  5. Glue the poinsettia layer that was set aside on top of the leaf layer.

  6. Glue the 3D flowers on top of their matching flowers on the poinsettia layer.

  7. Add gold dot stickers or jewel stickers.

  8. Add ribbon or string.

I like to make the back of the tag special too if I have room. I love how this one turned out!

I love to share! This tag is ready to make if you’re a Cricut user. I designed it on Cricut Design Space. 😍 You can make it yourself!

Here's a link for you to make it: Poinsettia Tag

I am posting a new gift tag a day the entire month of November. Join me and make a tag a day and by the end of the month you will have 30 tags ready for Christmas!

Happy Christmas Crafting!


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