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Ring a ling, hear them ring

Silver bells, silver bells

It's Christmas time in the city

Ring a ling, hear them ring

Soon it'll be Christmas day!

Silver Bells make a beautiful classic gift tag for Christmas


Cardstock - 2 shades of Silver, 2 shades of Red, 2 shades of Green, White

Cricut Pen - Red

Silver Decorations - Jewels, Dot Stickers, Silver Ribbon

Foam Tape

White Paint Pen


  1. Glue the white back piece to the solid silver middle piece with the hanging ribbon taped or glued between them - set aside.

  2. Decorate the front of the bells with ribbon and dot stickers before you attach to the back bell pieces.

  3. To make the bells curve and look 3D, use foam tape in the center of each bell and gently curve the bell shape in the middle. Attach to the back bell pieces you set aside and glue the edges of the bells to make the curve of the bell. Glue on silver jewel.

  4. Attach the bow and use foam tape to layer the Holly in front of the bow.

  5. Add details with white pen to the berries and bow.

I love to share! This tag is ready to make if you’re a Cricut user. I designed it on Cricut Design Space. 😍 You can make it yourself!

Here's a link for you to make it: Silver Bells Tag

I am posting a new gift tag a day the entire month of November. Join me and make a tag a day and by the end of the month you will have 30 tags ready for Christmas!

Happy Christmas Crafting!


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