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Winter Fun Ice Skating

A fun tag to decorate a kids Christmas gift. Add this playful gift tag to any gift for the holidays or winter months. Snow much fun!


Cardstock - Blue, Green, White, Black, Silver, Light Pink

Cricut Pen - Black

Tiny black jewel stickers


Have fun adding details! I used little black jewel stickers for the buttons and used a black pen to draw on his clothes and to make his face. I used pink pastel for his cheeks. Colored pencil would also work.

This tag could also be made for a girl by changing the colors of the clothes and changing the hair.

I love to share! This tag is ready to make if you’re a Cricut user. I designed it on Cricut Design Space. 😍 You can make it yourself!

Here's a link for you to make it: Ice Skating Tag

I am posting a new gift tag a day the entire month of November. Join me and make a tag a day and by the end of the month you will have 30 tags ready for Christmas!

Happy Christmas Crafting!


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