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Baby Shower Gift Decoration/Tags - Elephants Love

Baby Showers are the best for making fun gift wrapping! I love making gift wrapping to match the theme of a Birthday Party, Baby Shower or the Baby's Room.

For these gifts I decided to decorate them as a group stacked and put the cute elephants I made to match the invitation on the front. Then make a fancy bow to top it all off.

First I attached the heart balloons and then the elephants. I used a hot glue gun to attach to the gifts.

Above is a close up of the bow I made out of tulle and ribbon!

Here you can see the invitation that was my inspiration!

To make the hearts stay up like balloons I used white wire twist ties. I curled the ears with the side of a pencil and used foam tape to add a 3D look. I used a black pen to draw the lines and eyes. I glued on little bow on the baby elephant - a little detail but so cute!

If you would like to make these with your Cricut, you can find them on Cricut Design Space on my Cricut Profile Page. They are ready to make or edit as you like. Enjoy!


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