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Bucket Full of Sunshine Gift Basket

A friend of mine was having a rough time and I wanted to lift her spirits. I created a gift basket to send her. I loved it so much I made another one for another friend too!

Putting together the "Bucket" is so much fun! Just walk around your favorite stores and look for yellow items to put in the bucket.

This happy flower tag is easy to make and takes very little time with a Cricut.

If you would like to make this tag with your Cricut, you can find it on Cricut Design Space on my Cricut Profile Page. It is ready to make or edit as you like.



  • White Cardstock

  • Bright Yellow Cardstock

  • Darker Yellow Cardstock

  • Brown Cardstock

  • Black Cricut Pen

  • Yellow Pencil or Pen

  • White Paint Pen

  • Brown Pastel or Colored Pencil


  1. Adjust Images to desired size on your Cricut Design Space

  2. Cut images from cardstock.

  3. Use a yellow pencil or yellow pen to fill in the word "Sunshine"

  4. Use scoring tool and paper trimmer to make creases on flower petal. Fold petals on crease to add shape to flower.

5. Use brown pastel and a Q-tip to smudge the color in creases of bright yellow petals.

(A brown colored pencil would work also)

6. Assemble flower using glue or adhesive.

7. After assembling flower use white paint pen to add dots around edge of the brown


Below is the first Bucket Full of Sunshine that I made. I stuffed a lot of things in that bucket, you'll be surprised!

You will notice that after this first Bucket Full of Sunshine, I came up with the idea to make the tag into a flower.

Here ya go! I found so many fun things to put in the bucket. I confess there were a few things I had to leave out like the potato chips - LOL!

My girlfriend loved it so much she sent me pictures after she got it in the mail!


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