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Baby Shower Gift Decoration/Tags

These adorable Tags are so versatile! They can be used as a gift tag or as a decoration on a gift wrapping instead of a bow. This is incredibly helpful if you are shipping or want to put a group of gifts in a basket and you don't want the bows to get crushed.

Creative Gift Wrapping for a Baby Shower

Taking the time to create these decorations for gift wrapping will make the mother-to-be feel extra special!

More details about each of these decorations/tags can be found under my Tag It section.

If you would like to make these with your Cricut, you can find them on Cricut Design Space on my Cricut Profile Page. They are ready to make or edit as you like. Enjoy!

I like to use the theme of the Baby Shower or Baby's Room, or even use the Baby Shower Invitation for ideas of how to create the gift wrapping.

These gifts were designed to be easy to put in a basket without crushing bows. The Baby's Room theme was hot air balloons so I created a hot air balloon by attaching a basket to a paper lantern. Then I made accessories to attach to the balloon to pull it all together.


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