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Stamped Greeting Card Set

I love making cards that I can have on hand for any occasion. These cards were made using two stamp sets from Stampin' Up.

I bought paper and ink pads in the same colors from Stampn'up so that making beautiful coordinating cards is easy. They sell them with the same names to match! Tip: buy the refill ink at the same time. My ink pads still work great and I have had them for almost 20 years!

I stamped the center pattern in the eggplant color and it seemed like it needed a little more something so I used coloring pens to fill in the flower and leaves.

I used a coloring pen and a few jewels to add more to the stamped center of this card.

Love this simple stamp! The jewel in the center finished it off.

Another beautiful card. Ribbon and jewels add beautiful touches when using stamps on cards.

I think what makes these cards so beautiful is using simple stamps with coordinating colors. Then add details to pull it all together like ribbon and jewels.


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