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Owl - Fall Gift Tag

I enjoy creating gift tags that can be used for different seasons. This owl is perfect for fall! It was fun creating details to make it unique but still easy to make!

After cutting the parts out, I used foam tape for attaching the eyes to make them stand out.

Adding autumn leaves adds to the Fall theme of the tag. Blossoms or Green leaves on the branch would look great for Spring or Summer.

One of my favorite things to use on tags is puffy paint! I think it makes the beak on the owl look special and so easy to do. Make sure to let it dry for 24 hours.

Adding a message is perfect for a fall gift. You can customize the message to fit your theme or make the tag without one.

I like to use plain boxes or gift wrap so that the tag stands out. I used tulle and a sunflower for the finishing touches.

I made 5 Woodland Animals for my fall tags to put on gifts this year.

If you would like to make these with your Cricut, you can find them on Cricut Design Space on my Cricut Profile Page. They are ready to make or edit as you like. Enjoy!


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