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Fancy Nancy Party!

When my daughter was 7 her favorite book was Fancy Nancy by Jane O'Connor. It was a perfect theme for a birthday party! Little girls playing dress-up easy! We had so much fun planning.

At the time we could not find invitations, so I faked it by using images I found online and taking some of the verbiage from one of the Fancy Nancy books about a Tea Party!

Introducing the Fancy Girls!

Decorations were easy, we found Fancy Nancy party decorations online.

Added flowers to the straws and bows to the dessert glasses to be extra Fancy.

Plenty of accessories and tutus in different colors for all the girls to dress up as they arrived.

As Fancy Nancy says "you can never have too many accessories"!

We used temporary hair coloring spray and lots of flowers on clips for their hair.

The girls decorated sunglasses with jewels.

Best plan for an easy party activity ever! Rent a karaoke machine put up a backdrop and mini-stage and let the girls have fun!

Nothing to it! They had a ball.

For the food we had Fancy Tea Sandwiches, Fancy Fruit Kabobs and Fancy Ice-cream with a toppings bar. Fabulous Darling!

Soon these girls were famous so they signed autographs for their fans darling!

Fancy chair for the Fancy Birthday Girl to open presents.

Another successful and fun party! She loved Fancy Nancy so much she dressed like her for Your Favorite Book Parade at school.

I highly recommend these books if you know a little girl who loves being Fancy!


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