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SPA-tacular Birthday Party!

What little girl doesn't love a SPA day!

This is one of my all time favorite parties that we created for my daughter! When it came to her birthday parties I loved every second - starting with brainstorming about my daughters idea (she always came up with the theme), shopping, creating and making everything to go with it. Then making the invitations (in this case before there was Cricut Design - boo hoo!) and soaking-up every second of big day!


I had a Cricut, but the old one that used cartridges, so for this invitation I could only make the circles for the cucumbers and the flowers. Everything else was cut out by hand. The inside of the invitation was clipart I found online and printed from my computer.

Outside Decorations

I love to decorate our front door to set the stage for a party! This years theme was perfect to decorate the door like the front door of a SPA.

  • Curtains I found for a great price at Big Lots. (I kept and used them many other times for parties or events).

  • Black cornice I made with black paint and cardboard.

  • Tissue puff I made myself after googling instructions online - now you can just by them in the store!

  • Flowers taped on the window and the sign were created with my Cricut.

The sign letters and flowers were made with my Cricut. I added jewels, and ribbon.

I like to select colors and pattern for a party to help bring it all together! My daughter picked turquoise, pink, black & white with polka dots for an accent pattern.

Inside Decorations!

We like to clear out our living-room of furniture and use the entire space for the party.

My daughter and I used carboard to make area dividers between the different treatment areas! We cut three pieces for each and shaped the top to a curve, then we used D-rings to attach them to each other. My daughter and I painted them with white paint and used large stamps of flowers and polka dots.

We had 5 areas separated by the dividers.

  1. Pedicures

  2. Manicures

  3. Waiting Room

  4. Facials

  5. Hair Salon

Dress Up!

I recruited some of the girls moms to be helpers during the party. I made aprons for the moms and sateen spa robes for each girl! Not only was it fun to dress up, it made each girl feel special!

Girls in their Spa Robes and matching flip flops.

Hair Salon Station

The girls paired off and visited each station together. When I shared all the plans with the gal who does my hair, she said it sounded like so much fun that she offered to come and do all the girls hair for free! I gladly accepted and the girls felt extra special having their hair done. You don't have to have a professional hair stylist, any mom willing to do this job would be great too.

Pedicure Station

Manicure Station

Waiting Room

The waiting room had two comfy chairs, girls magazines and smoothies.

Facial Station

For this area I took lawn chairs and covered them with white fabric. I made pillows out of one turquoise towel with pom-pom trimming.


We served sandwiches, fruit and cupcakes!

Gift time!

Party Favors!

Each girl got a basket of goodies and their spa robe to take home.

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If I come back for another life, I want to be your daughter! 😋

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