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Ornaments make great Gift Wrapping Decorations!

When I was young my mom would set up a room with wrapping paper and ribbon so all of us kids could have our turn to wrap gifts for Christmas. I was always so excited when it was my turn. Back in the day, if you had a gift wrapped at a department store, they would have different decorations that they would put on the gift along with the bow. My mom used to keep them in a box for us to use on our packages when we gift wrapped every year. Now I do the same but also if I see a cute ornament on sale that I think would look great on a gift, I buy it!

This snowflake ornament was my newest addition to the ones we keep and use over and over every year. I found it at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago. I love it! I also like that I can use the hole to attach my gift tags to.

I can't even remember when I got this silver ornament. It has been under our tree with different wrapping and different size boxes for many years, but always looks sensational!

This funny snowman head is one of our favorites and everyone comments on him. It has to be 10 years old and we still love it!

Santa has been around probably just as long as the snowman. They have become a tradition under our tree.


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