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Super Fun Wine Tags for Halloween

Oh my gosh I had so much fun making these Wine Tags!

Halloween parties have become more popular over the years and these funny tags are perfect to put on a bottle of wine to take to a party!

The back of the tag has a place to personalize.

Halloween is a great time to have fun with creating tags! I went online and looked up wine tag quotes and put together tags and images to go with them. Get the party started!

I just love to share! These wine tags are ready to make. If you’re a Cricut user, I designed them on Cricut Design Space. 😍 You can make them yourself!

Here's a link for you to make them: Halloween Wine Tags by Diana

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1 Comment

I wish I had a party to go to so I'd have a reason to make those wine gift tags and treat bags! They are sooooo cute!

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